API Version 8 - setting up access credentials

I am following this link to configure authentication.

Please can someone help with the following points in respect of setting up a client credentials grant ( please refer to this screen shot ) I am trying to get the values to fill in for client_secret and $url in the code snippet

  • Where do I go to check that The SuiteCRM instance is configured to use HTTPS/SSL?
  • Where do I get the access token - currently there is no oauth folder, only Api/V8/ oauth2 - is this where the token goes? Do I have to manually upload it or does SuiteCRM do that automatically?
  • I don’t understand what it means by the legend in the Change Secret box - “leave blank unless changing” and also the words “make a note of it before saving” If I’m creating new credentials do I have to pick a secret value to use in the ‘client_secret’ array element ?

Any help you can give to get me started on this would be appreciated. Thanks.


Same situation, do u find answers to yours questions ?

If someone can help plz, the official documentation are not enough for a young developer like me.


No, not solved yet but I think, unlike earlier version of the API, the use of OAUTH2 requires you have command line access to the instance. I’m in the process of setting this up.

This link looks more helpful.

Presento la misma duda con la configuración han podido dar con la solución ?