API V8 POST file on note?

Hi, I am struggling with being able to post files via the API, on the Notes module.
I have tested this with postman:

  "data": {
  	"type" : "Notes",
    "attributes": {
      "name": "testnote",
      "file_mime_type" : "text/plain",
      "filename" : "testnote.txt",
      "file" : "VGVz....V0dCBnamVybmUuClRlc3QyCg=="

and a note is created, apparently with a file, and everything seems ok until I try to preview or download the file, which tries to open the file but returns a page with “Invalid File Reference”.
I also noticed that there is no new file in the uploads folder.
I haven’t done any extensive debugging yet (aparently nothing interesting in suitecrm.log on log level error, or in the php error log), hoping some have a working example.
Currently running 7.11.0, and from the release notes 7.11.1 I couldn’t see anything that should affect this.


I have exactly the same issue. Did you manage to find a solution for it?

Not sure if someone still having this issue. But upgraded to 7.10.24 resolve this. My sample post as below.

“data”: {
“type”: “Notes”,
“attributes”: {
“name”: “test.txt”,
“file_mime_type” : “text/plain”,