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API v8 Oauth2 Authorization URL

Hello everybody,

I’m currently looking to implement Suite support for n8n.io (which is a self hostable zapier alternative) and I’m trying to find out what the Oauth2 authorization URL is.

Docs state the URL extension of the Access Token URL is …/Api/access_token but no word about the authorization URL.

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

Hi, welcome to the Community! :tada:

I never used the API myself, but isn’t that here?

That would be {{suitecrm.root}}/Api/V8/OAuth2

Is this what you were asking for?

If you develop this, are you willing to contribute it to the Community? :smile:

Hmm thank you, however that doesn’t appear to be the right ressource. Basically I’m looking for the URL that let’s me access the OAuth2 popup in order to login.

Regarding sharing: Sure, n8n is (semi) open source and free to use. Its easy to setup and rapidly evolving. I will keep the community updated when the new feature is finished

@Quansen I really appreciate that.

I am sorry I am unable to help further, I’ll have to dive into the API one day but I never got a chance.

Maybe someone else with API experience can help?

Hello !
I’m focusing on n8n too. But unable to connect on popup oauth2 like you.
Have you found a solution ?

I didn’t find a way to get this to work with n8n, because suite seem to kind of skips one step of the Oauth2 process.

I did create a workaround to just create a new token every time I call the Api. Maybe you could save it somewhere in n8n but I didn’t go that deep.

Good luck

Hi guys, did you manage to get the module from here: https://git.bill.run/sdoc/n8n-plugins/n8n-nodes-suitecrm to work?
I think I am missing something which is not documented.
When I install the module and then create a webhook it doesn’t send anything. (I tested it with webhook.site). Also the node in n8n is not connecting to my suitecrm.

Any ideas where to look?

It is now supported for beta testing: