API search by Project ID

Hey guys,

I have a system where I am adding stuff directly to DB via PHP. I didn’t know how to create the suiteCRM ID’s like this one:


so I am creating my own. It looks like that:


and the API GET then doesnt work with it. When I call GET {{url}}/V8/module/Project/1038738315e26eccb0760e I get this:

    "errors": {
        "status": 400,
        "title": null,
        "detail": "The option \"id\" with value \"1038738315e26eccb0760e\" is invalid."

Any idea how to work with this? :open_mouth:

regarding the ID: it is a regular UUID, most systems/languages support it (e.g. uuid() in MySQL).

But I did not know that rest v8 requires that format. Are other requests (with an UUID) working with your request?

Thanks! Didn’t know that… Anyway - I found out that I can search it like that:


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cool, thanks for letting us know!

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I can also confirm now that updating / searching ID in any other way than ?filter requires UUID. If you have an ID in a different format you will NOT be able to update it using API calls.