API-Rest Development

Right now I’m developing an API to be able to use the structure and data of SuiteCRM in a control panel that I have.
I need to be able to list (users, contacts, accounts, etc.) and also be able to register, modify or delete this type of records.

I have been following the Jim Mackin ebook and it has helped me to mount the api.
I have not had any problems, when it comes to logging in and accessing the listings (Accounts, users, leads, contacts, etc.).

Now I am already trying to get the forms to create, modify and delete records (Accounts, users, leads, contacts, etc.), and here I have more problems.

Someone who has already done it and tell me more or less where to go?

Any help is welcome!
Thank you very much!

Good Morning,
I’m still working with the API.

I have a control panel with its own login system. Here I will use the same login data for SuiteCRM.

What I look for is that when accessing from the control panel to the SuiteCRM API is checked that login and the API returns the information that user can see.
I am looking for information and I do not know if it will be possible.

Any help is welcome.
Thank you very much!!

For creating new records and updating existing, look at the set_entry method.

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Good afternoon,

I have been with all the methods in the help and it seems that everything works.

What I need now is how to make the call to the SuiteCRM API in my control panel (https://mycontrolpanel.org) and that the API is checked the login (user and password) of the user trying to access.
I am very grateful for a good example.

Thank you very much!


I need help developing suitecrm’s api

Which programming language language are you using to connect to the SuiteCRM API?

If it’s php you could use this rest client class:

You use the getEntryList, getEntry and setEntry methods to do the actions you want.

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Thanks for your help.

I’m using php.
I want to use the SuiteCRM api, but I do not know where to start.

Any complete API-Rest example to get started?


When dealt with the integration of telephony and suitecrm, the following was very helpful:

For example 1:

Very good documentation with examples:

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OK thank you very much.
I have used the examples of support.sugar for the functions I have to perform.

But I need to know how to make calls to the api.

I had one more moment:
So far, when I connected, I specified it as a host “suitecrm.domain.com” - nothing worked.

As soon as the IP - it all worked!!!

Why do I just have this problem - I do not know.

Good afternoon,

Thank you very much for your help.

I’ve already been able to do a good part of the API.

I only have one issue, which is the management of Roles for Users and Security groups, I also need to access it with the API and I am not seeing how to do it.

Someone who has encountered this and was able to solve it?


Good Morning,

Following some of the examples that have happened to me, the help of Sugar and the manual of Jim Mckin I have already built much of the API.

Finally I do not need access to the groups and roles with the api, so I have parked that work.

Now as the last part I am trying through the API to create a user, or to modify it, and I am not knowing how to do it.

Anyone who can help me in creating and modifying SuiteCRM Users through the API? How could passwords be managed?

Thank you very much; Regards!!

Good Morning,

Im Trying to create users through the API, I see that the problem is that it does not update the password.

Anyone who has had this problem with the passwords in the API and solved it ??

Thank you


You would have to override the set_entry REST API as it explicitly prevents setting the user_hash field in SugarWebServiceUtilv4.php


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Good Morning

Thank you very much for your help.
I already have the API part running almost totally.

The last task I have to solve is how to send emails through it and after the results of openings etc.

I’m very lost here.
I have followed several post and information on the internet, but can not be done if.

Who has developed email sending in SuiteCRM through API-REST?

thank you very much

To start the “developer guide”

Good morning and happy week,

I have already used the SuiteCRM for Developers by Jim Mckin and it has been the most helpful for me to build different functions of the API.

But now I’m stuck wanting to do campaign management and sending campaign emails through the API and there I can not find any solution.

That’s why I ask for help from someone who has done something like this to see where I can go.

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