API refresh_token

Hi All,

Another stupid question: As I am trying to figure out the API authentication and then requests to the API, I’m either a moron (most likely) or I just can’t see the Authentication refresh_token.

  • I am using Postman as API controller. I can only see the Auth token by using the OAuth 2.0 POST to API/oauth/access_token
  • Capturing the request and reply in BurpProxy I can see that the message I receive contains only the Bearer Access_token and no refresh_token, so I guess Postman does show everything.

What am I doing wrong?

1: Where is the EDIT button???

2: whatever I do, with Client_credentials grant_type I can’t get the Refresh Token. Even in simple curl request all that I get back is the access_token.
If I do curl and grant_type as password I get the refresh token as expected.

Again… Am I doing anything wrong or is this an API Bug ???

same here