API - Put and POST Issues using Postman


Just after some help on testing the API using postman.

I can successfully issue GET commands to query Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities.

However then I try the same with either a POST or a PUT to Add or Update an existing record I only have returned the error:

[SuiteCRM] [API] [Not Allowed]

Not sure where / what i’m doing wrong

Here is the response code

    "errors": [
            "code": 8005,
            "title": "[SuiteCRM] [API] [Not Allowed] ",
            "detail": "",
            "source": {
                "pointer": ""
            "status": 403
    "meta": {
        "suiteapi": {
            "major": 8,
            "minor": 0,
            "patch": 0,
            "stability": "ALPHA"
    "jsonapi": {
        "version": "1.0"

I’m sorry, I don’t know enough about API to help you, but is this a solution to your problem?:


You’re using API v8, right?

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Many thanks for the link, ill dig into it. Perhaps might be related. When I look at the swagger notes, there are some notes about put/patch. Its weird, when looking at some of the older C# API integration I can see POST being done to create/update records.

Just trying to build out a C# Integration using the v8 (new / latest) version of the API. Nearly there except for a new niggles