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API Call not working from wordpress custom form

Hi Team,

We have a form on wordpress site. We have linked that via API V4.1 of Suitecrm to make a new leads into SuiteCRM. It was working fine before a week ago. But today we have submitted a new entry from that web form page. Now the API call doesn’t work properly. It takes too long to create a new entry and page not found showing after 3 mins loading.

Could you please tell us to solve this issue?

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Hey there

Are you still having issues with this?

I can’t think why the API call would start to fail for no reason :confused:

There must have been a chance, in either the CRM or Wordpress ends, that caused this

Some things to check may be:

  • Was the CRM Upgraded, and it began to fail?
  • Was the Wordpress site modified/upgraded/updated, and it began to fail?
  • Did anything change in the CRM’s Hosting Environment, and it began to fail?
  • Did anything change in the Wordpress Site’s Hosting Environment, and it began to fail?
  • Can you access the API through other methods, or is this the only one used?

It would be worth investigating the above, to see if anything changed, to give a good place to start investigations.