Apache / Kerberos authentication integration

Hello there,

I am actually evaluating the SuiteCRM in the version 7.7.9 to be used as CRM in our company, and I am now doing some tests to integrate a module to take the user from Apache, that has been previously “Kerberized”. The steps I am following are:

  • Create a new module for authentication that catches the user from an environment variable $_SERVER[‘MY_USER’], if the user does not exist I create it, and if it exist I fetch the user from the database.
  • I modify the Administration module to have another option to use this authentication option.

Now I have a couple of questions:

  • It is possible to modify the Administration module using the Studio or the Module Builder?
  • I am trying to do a bit of inverse engineering, what should I modify in order to add this feature?

If I managed to make it work I will publish it in a public repository (GitHub), so any help is welcome.