I think I found a bug inside Advanced Open Work. I’m able to copy every field, for example “description” or “type” from the account module to the related contacts via Workflow. But after every “sync” the workflow is somehow deleting the e-mail address of the related contacts? Thats strange right? I attached my (very simple) configuration. Every other “contact field” stays the same except the e-mail address, this is completely deleted.

Thanks for highlighting this.

We’ll test and confirm if this is a bug in SuiteCRM/AOW.



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Thanks for your reply. I really hope this will be an “easy fix”, because this feature is very important for us :slight_smile: We also integrate Mailchimp, so I need these fields in Mailchimp. Thats the reason why I would like to copy these fields from the account to the contact.

Hi, do you already have a solution? :slight_smile:

Could you tell me something more about this bug? Just tried the new beta version in a test environment, still the same problem.

Hi Michael,

I will highlight that this is still an issue to see if this can be fixed before the official 7.2 release.




Thanks, because this is a really “annoying” bug. Any idea when this can be fixed? :slight_smile:


Hi Will,

Could you give me an update about this? Or maybe a workaround?