AOW Workflow once than never triggers

Worflow set to any change… but it will trigger only once per case (in this specific occurence). As soon as the assigned to changes, it triggers (Creates a task or sends an email, I have tried both). After that, no matter how I changed the value, it never triggers again. Check Worflow + Audit + Change log attached. I’m on 7.7.8

Figured it out. thank you. you can close this

Hi Edilex,

Can you confirm what you had figured out so then anyone having this issue can find your solution useful :slight_smile:

I have a feeling it would that you did not have Repeated Runs checked, is that correct?

The issue when I clicked “Repeated runs” is the user would receive email every minute, as soon as Scheduler kicked in.

So I changed to “On save only”, then checked “Repeated runs”.

Works like a charm.

Brill, thanks for clarifying that for other users :cheer:


So when a workflow created without repeated runs checked will fire it’s actions once and then becomes redundant?

Is my understanding correct here?

Many thanks