AOW to trigger on imported data

Firstly, just exploring the possibility for suiteCRM to replace a customised CRM solution - I have been amazed at what I have found in suiteCRM so far - well done to SalesAgility and Sugar! :stuck_out_tongue:

I was trying to trigger an action based on data for a record that had been updated via a csv import and it doesn’t seem to work. Just wanting to confirm if I was implementing my solution wrong, or is this an area which the current product doesn’t support?

I tested my AOW by just updating through editing a record directly and my AOW rule worked as expected, the workflow is shown below:

I am using suiteCRM Version 7.1.5


Is the aow scheduler running?

Apologies, but I ended up posting the same issue twice - as my first didn’t appear after I had posted, so I tried again, they both ended up appearing later.

Thanks for the reply - my original thread is here - I will respond on there - to ensure a consistent thread.