AOW to automatically convert a lead

I run a roofing company.

In an attempt to make my employees actually want to switch to using a crm (we currently do everything on paper, I know its crazy) I want to make it as simple as possible. We do mostly B2C with customers sometimes owning multiple properties. My plan was to rename the contacts module to jobsites, and use the account module to keep the customers information.

The part I’m having a problem with is the process. I would like my employees to be able to fill out a lead form, and once it is saved have it automatically converted to create a new account with a related jobsite and opportunity. Our business considers all calls that come in to be a lead, because we wouldn’t be entering anything that wouldn’t have already been qualified by our office staff.

Please help me. I’ve decided on SuiteCRM because it is easy to use, and very customizable, but I can’t seem to figure this out.


sorry for the late reply! and i hope you are still apart of the community!

So i think i get what you are doing! Essentially what you can do i create, what is called a, ‘Workflow’ .Workflow is a powerful tool that allows you to have an action when a condition is met automatically. This automation is what makes workflow so strong.

For your case, you would want to create a workflow that:-

  • runs for new leads [Workflow module and RUN ON= new records]
  • run forever[run = always]
  • [action] = create an Account record, which relates to jobsite and opportunity.

I have attached a picture to help!

Please do get back to this post if you run into any problems!