Aow_processed aow_processed_aow_actions huge tables

I have a question about the aow_processed aow_processed_aow_actions tables. They take up a lot of space. Deleting them will cause the machine to start sending tons of emails. Can I delete records that are more than a month old? Or delete the status = failed and deleted =1 records.

I didn’t tried anything because i am afraid of tons of mails.

Your question does not have a single answer, it will depend on the applicational logic of your workflows.

You can work around problems by moving the information “this workflow has already run for this record” into the record itself as a field; then you can add a condition to the workflow, so that it doesn’t send emails to the already flagged records.

Or simply add date conditions (based on existing fields such as creation date, modification date, or whatever) to the workflow, so that you can delete the aow_processed rows.

Also, see this:

Can I add date conditions in workflow code?

Yes, you can. Did you try it?