AOW- Multiple workflows on record, some don't trigger

I have several workflows to create tasks for certain people based on an Opportunity’s criteria. Some of the workflows will trigger, others will not, so only some users wind up with the tasks they need.

Attached is an example of one that doesn’t work. Is it a bug with the “One Of” condition choice? The successful workflows don’t include that, or the 2nd condition of Currency.

I also notice that even though my Currency field in Opps has Canadian Dollars, when I select that field for a condition I cannot edit it at all. It’s as if there’s only the US Dollars choice and the Canadian Dollars entry wasn’t added to the dropdown.

Hi Darrel,

How many Workflows are firing? If too many Workflows/Actions are firing at once, then it could just be a timeout issue.

Also, Is your “Currency Name” a Custom field or have you simply changed the Opportunity’s Currency Label to that?

if I add Canadian Dollars to the Available Currencies in the Admin menu, it allows me to select is a Dropdown option in both Opportunities and the Workflow Conditions.