AOW error

Hi there,

I am running SuiteCRM on Bitnami

SELECT id FROM aow_workflow WHERE aow_workflow.flow_module = ‘ACLActions’ AND aow_workflow.status = ‘Active’ AND (aow_workflow.run_when = ‘Always’ OR aow_workflow.run_when = ‘On_Save’ OR aow_workflow.run_when = ‘Create’) AND aow_workflow.deleted = 0 :
MySQL error 1146: Table ‘bitnami_suitecrm.aow_workflow’ doesn’t exist

This actually says the table doesn’t exist even though it does!

p.s: the workflow works fine, it does a double entry though - that is it sends two emails instead of the normal one email to the intended person which is havoc like!

please help

Have you made any modification, or do you have any other modules installed if it is sending twice this may be the cause, alternatively depending on what you workflow is doing you may want to set it to only run on save or only on the scheduler. the next thing to check is if you have repeated runs on, unless you really need this or know what you are doing with it I would switch this off.