AOS_Reports - log message: Column 'id' in on clause is ambiguous

Hello, I created a report with Quotes and Contracts no data returned, but log the error below appeared:

MySQL error 1052: Column ‘id’ in on clause is ambiguous
Version SuiteCRM 7.3.1

Thu Nov 26 10:45:49 2015 [23638][eeb77cdb-ec28-8daf-7e54-516458f99be1][FATAL] Query Failed: SELECT count(*) c FROM (SELECT AS ‘aos_contracts_id’, aos_contracts.reference_code AS ‘Código_do_Contrato0’, AS ‘Nome1’, aos_contracts.customer_signed_date AS ‘Ass_Cliente_em2’, aos_contracts.start_date AS ‘Inicio_do_Contrato3’, AS ‘aos_contracts:aos_quotes_aos_contracts_id’, aos_contracts:aos_quotes_aos_contracts.number AS ‘Nº_Proposta4’ FROM aos_contracts LEFT JOIN aos_quotes_os_contracts_c aos_contracts|aos_contracts:aos_quotes_aos_contracts ON|aos_contracts:aos_quotes_aos_contracts.aos_quotes4dc0ntracts_idb AND aos_contracts|aos_contracts:aos_quotes_aos_contracts.deleted=0

LEFT JOIN aos_quotes aos_contracts:aos_quotes_aos_contracts ON|aos_contracts:aos_quotes_aos_contracts.aos_quotese81e_quotes_ida AND aos_contracts:aos_quotes_aos_contracts.deleted=0
LEFT JOIN aos_contracts_cstm aos_contracts_cstm ON ``.id = aos_contracts_cstm.id_c WHERE aos_contracts_cstm.contrato_recebido_c = ‘Nao’ AND aos_contracts.deleted = 0 ) as n: MySQL error 1052: Column ‘id’ in on clause is ambiguous

Is this a bug?

testado na versão 7.4.3 e aparece este erro também.
this error is intermittent.

Show in a report the, where industry = ‘Financial’ for exemple.

Save and edit and save and edit (wait) and save.
Sometimes the result appears others do not.
The error appears in the log.