AOS_Product_Categories issues: ListView and Connecting Relate Fields

I cannot view the ListView of Product Categories. It shows the Title (Product Categories) but no header row and no content and no footer.

I am on SuiteCRM 7.14.3 with PHP v 8.2. Two installations (Production and Development) on CentOS and on Debian. Same issue on both. Same issue with Firefox and Chrome.

I am not sure when this started happening but I know it was not a problem before update to 7.14 and PHP v8. I see with PHP 8.x, a LOT of deprecation notices but the rest of the system seems OK and I have validated the database table as intact so that is not the issue.

I have set up Products = Tickets to an Event
I have setup Product Categories = Individual or Corporate

I have confirmed that the aos_product_categories table is intact.

I cannot view the ListView of Product Categories. It shows the Title (Product Categories) but no header row and no content and no footer.

I can use Create Product Category to create a new Product Category and it does get added to the aos_product_categories table.

I cannot use the Relate field in Products to select a Product Category.

I can manually type in the Product Category in the Relate field in Products and it will accept the entry (assuming I use a legitimate category)

Any ideas?

Definitely check the logs for a fatal error that stopped output of header, content, and footer.

Why is it that when I do something really stupid, I have to advertise the fact? ā€¦

Thank you.

I had checked but was not seeing any errors in suitecrm.log

BUT ā€¦

Due to all the deprecation notices with converting to PHP v8 when I upgraded to SuiteCRM 7.14.3, I changed the error_reporting setting in php.ini to
instead of the default
error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_DEPRECATED & ~E_STRICT

When I changed back to the normal (log-filling) error_reporting settings, I then got a series of
[FATAL] Exception in Controller: Syntax error in template "file:/var/www/html/" on line 133 "{php}$this->_tpl_vars['user_options'] = get_user_array(false);{/php}" unknown tag 'php'

I have no idea where this came from, since I had not edited the AOS_Product_Categories Advanced Search Form layout, but I deleted the cache file and using Studio, edited the Advanced Search Form layout, Save and Deploy, Repair and Rebuild

All is now good

Thank you
(Well, thank you for helping me out, but not for making me admit I am an idiot ā€¦ :slight_smile: )

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I agree, these PHP crash errors should not be so silent. Admin users should not have to work at going hunting in the logs for them, sometimes for hours. When the logged in user is an admin, Suite should print these FATAL crash errors out on the screen with the included PHP package in a nice looking full screen box, and make life much easier and quicker to get to fixing these yourself.

Someone should add this to the suggestion box of the SuiteCRM.

Iā€™m on 7.14.3 on Centos7 it works for me. However, Iā€™m on php 8.1. Can you easily change PHP versions to try?

I did get this working (see 3rd post above) after activating the full error_reporting and seeing that the /tpl fle was corrupted. Not sure how that happened since I did not change the layout but it is what it is - or rather it was what it was :slight_smile:

As for php 8.1, I have heard from numerous sources that 8.1 is NOT a version you want to be on. There are some serious issues with it. 8.2 is cleaned up and an easy upgrade. 8.2 is installed by default with Debian 12, which is what my development system is on and Ill stick with that.

Even I have faced this unknow tag php errors when I was trying to upgrade that CRM version. :dizzy_face: