AOR_Reports broken after Quick Repair and Rebuild [SuiteCRM 7.2.1]

I’m currently making small fixes and changes to a remote instance of SuiteCRM 7.2.1. The instance has been running smoothly for a long while, but yesterday I thought I had a tiny problem that would be solved by performing a Quick Repair and Rebuild (QRnR). After it didn’t work, I discovered what mistake I had made, and corrected it without really needing the QRnR.

However, QRnR introduced an issue, and I’m just coming here to see if somebody has any clues or ideas as to where I can start looking to fix it.

The issue is in AOR_Reports. AOR_Reports kind of works, but it doesn’t filter the results, it just shows everything. From the error.log, it looks like this stems from the fact that $_REQUEST doesn’t have any index called ‘parameter_id’ (aor_utils.php) and that $app_list_strings doesn’t have the indexes ‘aor_operator_list’ and ‘aor_condition_type_list’.

I’m not quite sure where to be looking to fix this issue, so I’m asking here if you have any ideas.

Note: I would prefer to not upgrade this instance yet as some of the fixes we have been doing over time are not upgrade-safe.

Okay, I figured out the solution to the $app_list_strings problems I was having. There was an error in custom/application/Ext/Language/en_us.lang.ext.php, introduced by the QRnR - I’m going to have to go look for the language file that introduces this error.

The ‘parameter_id’ in $_REQUEST is still not defined. I’m going to go look for it, but if somebody has some pointers as to where it comes from or where it might be removed, it would be of great help!