AOR - Report on Event Delegates Accept Status


I want users to be able to extract all delegates that have accepted or declined an invite to a certain event.
There’s a default relashionship (many-to-many) between Events and Contacts, so I can select fields and create conditions based on fields from both modules (standard or custom), except the acceptance status.
I think the problem relies on the fact that field “accept_status” belongs to the relational table “fp_events_contacts_c” and these tables are not taken to build report queries.


Vitor Monteiro

Hi Vitor,

Thank you for highlighting this.

Events use relationship tables and these can’t be reported on currently, but we will look to implement this in future releases of SuiteCRM.




has this been implemented yet?

Best regards

HAs this been implemented as it seems like a very useful feature to have and reports to pull out delegates seems incomplete without their acceptance status?

If you can handle a bit of PHP and a bit of SQL, you can build your own reports using Google Charts.

Example with code and screenshots here

Thanks for your response! But, I think my requirement won’t be sufficed with Chart functionality. I just need to show another display field, i.e. “Accept Status” in my reports. I don’t mind playing around with a bit of PHP/MySQL if there is an upgrade safe way to edit the code and introduce this field in reports as well.

Any ideas are much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

I don’t see an easy way of getting this from the Reports module, it will be far more complicated because everything there is generic. It is a drag-and-drop editor of any module combining with any module in tons of ways. It is quite complex code.

But the Google charts also do tables:

My point here is that you can use any query for that, so getting the field you need from the relationship table is straight-forward. It’s a (more or less) simple way to get what you need.