AOR - Multi-select field type

Hello :slight_smile:

Something we have struggled with in AOR are multi select fields

For example my field is for ‘interested in’

  • Sales 1
  • Sales 2
  • Sales 3

Now lets say in one record a user selects “sales 1”

In another record

User selects “sales 1 and sales 2”

When inside the reporter I choose the multi select field as a condition

I am forced to state “Equals to” = Sales 1

The reporter results will only give me back the records that have only “sales 1” selected

The records with “Sales 1” and options are not included as they do not technically Equal to

This is also an issue for ‘grouping’ records by multi select fields

Required update for AOR:

  • Allow multi selects to have a ‘Contains’ in condition
    This way the reporter will look at all records that ‘contain’ the selected option

Hope this makes sense

Perhaps related to this

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