AOR - Grand Total for Tasks module

Hi guys,

just wondering if there is a way to have an AOR report for the tasks module output a “Total” amount.

I’m currently filtering on completed tasks and displaying the required fields I want, and am able to “group by” each individual person and then run a count on each specific task but that only gives me subtotals for each person.

How would i go about getting both in the same report? I’d had to create another report just to get this number.

See attached screenshot for details.

Have you tried using the sum/total functions?



doing a total > count, simply gives me a count of the “main group” which is basically every item. All the total > count rows will give the same because there is no hierarchical grouping allowed.

doing a “group” (checkbox) does not use the same functionality as the “Main Group” selection. It instead collapses everything into 1 entry (e.g. i have a person with 3 tasks, that person will now only show up 1 time, and now the count will be incorrect nor will be able to see each item for that person).

doing a total > sum doesn’t work on strings, it only works on numbers.

basically what i need is the same functionality as the “Main group” as well as the total > count functionality together.


the function > count kinda gives me what i want, however only if mixed with the “group” checkbox. I need to have this as an extra column as it replaces the name of the people with the count. However now there is no way to expand each row to see all of the counted results, also all the other fields now get screwed up (sum of all result’s money field turns into sum of only 1 result per unique person).