AOR - Date & Time field - Main Group

Hello All

Not sure if anyone out there has had a similar problem

I am using the Events module and in AOR I am trying to group events based on Start Date & Time

Have managed to do this and it works but

1 - Start date - yyyy/mm/dd - hh:mm

If you look at the below image the start date for the “group” is 1 hour less than displayed on the record itself?

So for the 1:45pm / it states 12:45pm

I have tested this with other “date & time” fields and all do the same?

I’m experiencing a different problem with Main Group but it could be related, my Main Group headers aren’t displaying as they should be either.

It is missing some step related to presentation: for you it is not properly converting the system time to your settings, for me it is not converting custom values to my specified Display Labels.

I hope you find your answer!

Is this a scheduled report?

Even if it isn’t, please check in Admin / Schedulers, the “last ran successfully” time of one the very frequent jobs. Does it seem to be in the correct timezone?

Actually that is one thing our scheduled reports always go out an hour early as well!

@TaufiqueAhmed normally this is due to not setting the date.timezone in BOTH php.ini’s, the one for the web app, and the one for command-line (CLI), which is normally what launches Scheduled Jobs.

You can check by seeing the Admin / Schedulers screen like I said above, of from the command-line:

Effective CLI timezone:

php -i | grep timezone

php.ini path for CLI:

php -i | grep php.ini

Other than that, I do remember a couple of issues on GitHub about things happening with one hour of shift, maybe this is already reported there?