AOP User cases not listing

I have created a Joomla AOPortal, everything is working fine except the portal doesn’t list the Cases that have been created from the Portal.
When the Case is created all the correct emails are sent and the case registers in SuiteCRM but the portal user can’t see the case in the list.
Has anyone encountered this?

Do you have any special Security Groups configuration active?

Are you doing anything when the Cases arrive, like a Workflow changing Assignments?

Thanks for your reply @pgr it got me thinking, what I had missed was that the user didn’t have an associated account.
once I corrected that and assigned the sam account to the cases they pulled through.

Hi. I have a problem. When I assign a case to a contact, the user can’t see the case on portal. It shows this message

0 Too few arguments to function SugarCase::__construct(), 1 passed in /home/balmasch/public_html/portal/components/com_advancedopenportal/models/SugarCasesConnection.php on line 277 and exactly 2 expected

Please try this change and see if it fixes the error:


Thank you so much! It worked very well! :wink:

Thank you very much. It has worked.

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