AOP portal user creation failed

Hi everyone!

I just installed fresh installation of SuiteCRM 7.5.1 and Joomla site for portal purpose (Joomla! 3.4.8 Stable).

I setup both installations as instructed:


  1. Enable AOP portal and external portal
  2. Wrote in Joomla portal address


  1. Installed component
  2. Wrote in Suite URL and admin credentials

After that I created a new user in Suite and after saving it tried to create portal user by clicking on Create Portal User button. And this is where twilight zone starts: system gave me an error: “Failed to create portal user”

I triple checked all credentials on both sides and everything is as it is supposed.

I am attaching screen shots of the above written.

Both Suite and Joomla are running on Windows IIS (Win2012R2/IIS8), PHP5.4.45

What am I missing here?

I would highly appreciate a help on this matter…

Have a nice day!


Hi Mario,

Did you find the solution?
I was getting the same error. In my case the problem was with ‘Sugar URL’ field in the Joomla settings page. It seems that you should not specify the trailing ‘/’ in the Sugar URL.

Can you try again by removing the trailing slash? (

More details: In sugarRestClient.php in the Joomla component we have this line:

$this->rest_url =  $settings->sugar_url."/service/v4_1/rest.php";

As you can see this line adds the trailing ‘/’ to the sugar url.