AOP - Not able to create case through group email

Hi there,

We’ve upgraded to version 7.11.3

And I’ve been struggling since then to get the group email to automatically crease cases

I’ve set up inbound group mail account - mails are showing in Emails module
I’ve ticked “Create Cases”

I’ve created an account and contact with email address I’m sending the test from
Send test email to group mailbox, it does not crease a case only appears in the inbox

I really need help with this, am I doing something wrong?

Please check this : ==>> the e-mail is not imported to the CRM

I had the same problem after upgrade and this fixed it. I am seeing other issues with the compose e-mail after the upgrade, maybe you can confirm. After case is created (with the fix above) when I try to compose e-mail from activities subpanel, the case # (case macro) is not populating and only the e-mail subject is visible.

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