AOP New case creation via- Email. LOOP?

Good afternoon- I am having an issue with the AOP new case creation module (via Email) where a new case is generated after I close a case. It appears to be caught in a loop. I watched and followed Paul Stevens’ video on how to configure this module. I was wondering if someone has experienced this and if there is something I have overlooked.

Hey there,

Are you still experiencing this issue?

I haven’t come across this myself, but from a glance, I would guess that the Inbound Mailbox that imports Cases may be the same one that the user being sent Case Updates is using?

If this is the case, then it may result in a scenario where each Case Update creates a new Case, potentially?

It’s difficult to tell what may be happening currently, but I would suggest:

  • Checking if this happens to specific users, or ALL users
  • Check whether the Inbound Mailbox record that is used for Cases is also used as a User’s Mailbox

(If you haven’t resolved this already, that is!)