AOP module in local LAN

Hi guys

I have successfully setup suite in my local lan & we are using it. I have even set up a static ip to use it from outside and every thing works fine.
Please guide me how to setup AOP in local lan so local user can use it as ticketing system.

Please note that my setup is on local lan & not on some website. We access it as lanip:8888 , now i want a cases module sucd as lanip:8888/cases or something like that.



I found a thread by Will & finally got some idea.

I installed joomla inside my suitecrm into a separate folder as “http://localhost:8888/suitecrm7.1.1/cases/

my joomla extension installed as http://localhost:8888/suitecrm7.1.1/cases/administrator/index.php?option=com_advancedopenportal

there i entered my sugar url as “http://localhost:8888/suitecrm7.1.1/” and entered username & password.

Then in Suite I enabled AOP & entered joomla URL as “http://localhost:8888/suitecrm7.1.1/cases

Now when i create portal user for existing contact, it says user created but the contact is not getting any email about how to login. the assigned to employee is getting mail. And if i delete a contact & try to re create then i get error user already exist.

Please help me, what am I doing wrong.


Now if i create a portal user the user is getting mail with portal address & login credentials.
But the portal address is coming as “http://localhost:8888/suitecrm7.1.1/cases/” which is my joomla installation folder.
if user click on that link it open joomla website not portal.

Please help me to figure out what i am doing wrong.


Is it possible to guide me on the installation of the SUiteCRM on LAN. I need to install it on my local network.

Thanks in advance,