AOP - Link case and case thread attachments to Documents instead of Notes

Hi All,

I have successfully configured the AOP and everything works great, i need to link all case attachments into documents modules instead of nots.

For Example: When i creating a case or updating case thread from Support Portal with a file attachment, it will create or update a case on suitecrm and attachments will be stored as a Notes record in History Subpanel.

Here, i want to store the attachments into Documents module instead of storing in Notes module.

There is any workaround for this??

Thanks in Advance
Selvamuthukumar R

I would like this function as well, if at all possible.

The issue with it going to notes module instead of documents is that you can’t see related notes when looking at a case detail view. Although the note is related to the case, there is no way of looking at a case that was created and just clicking on the note there. You have to go into the notes module and find the related attachment. Therefore, we really have no way of knowing the user attached something to the case unless they specifically say they did, or we are constantly monitoring the notes module.

Alternative solution could be to show related notes at the bottom of the page in case view which you can expand, just like you can with documents/contacts/history/etc. Then if the note is deemed important enough the SuiteCRM user can upload it to documents.

Is there a way to add Notes as a subpanel on case detail view?

Any updates on this so far, because case attachments are not visible in the Case detail view.

Has anyone been able to figure out how to do this with the workflow module possibly? I haven’t but it seems like there must be a way in workflow to do something with the note that gets created with the attached doc to associate it with the case that is created since you can manually select the note from the note subpanel in the case view.

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