AO Workflow inclusion for Date fields

A quick plug from me. Currently the AOW module seems to only allow DateTime to be updated to “Now” in the Actions area while ignoring Date fields. I tested it in the Opportunities module and I am including screenshots of my settings and the modified record. I would love to be able to have Date to update-able via the AOW. It would make my life greatly easier as currently I have to run a stupidly complicated Javascript file to do the same and I’m not code savvy enough to make it work myself yet. I can modify small things but reading and writing PHP is not my strong point.

The request: AOW able to modify a Date record with a “Now” or “Today” date. Currently it just replaces whatever is there with a blank value.

It doesn’t like my pictures…they got much smaller.

I agree this issue is a bit annoying. Hopefully it will be revisited & revised in the next release.


Hey, just wanted to note that SuiteCRM 7.0.1 fixed the issue and now records Date fields with Now rather than just DateTime fields. Thanks for your work guys!

A suggestion though, in your releases it would be nice to have a short list of what has been fixed/added so those who are looking at upgrading to the next version can determine if it is worth it for them at the release. I think most people wait for ethier a specific bug to be fixed or a major update before upgrading just due to the stability of their customizations. A quick list works great. You guys really saved me some work with this module. Cheers for that from the other side of the ocean (and a large chunk of landmass).

Hi Laevatienn,

Thanks for your feedback. There were many bug fixes and we plan to release a document detailing those fixes and changes to Suite.



See, you guys are on the ball already. Good luck.