Anyone using SuiteCRM for tracking Public Relations?

Hey there,

I am about top start PR for our fabric workshop and I am thinking of using SuiteCRM. I can see that this CRM was born and bred for sales. The features available, however, make me think that with some adjustments to the Opportunity fields, it could do double-duty. I am hoping that someone has already done this and has some advice to offer based on their experience. Here are some questions:

  • What is your workflow/pipeline to go from Lead to a published item in a magazine/blog/social media account?
  • What fields have you added/modified to Leads, Contacts & Opportunities to facilitate tracking the progress of press coverage?
  • What helpful automations have you implemented?
  • Where did you have to add code to get things done?

All insights will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

We haven’t used SuiteCRM for a scenario like yours but we have customized for companies on big range of fields. Based on that I can confirm it is possible to adapt it to your needs.

I don’t have specific response to your questions but… SuiteCRM allows you to add workflow via a dedicated module from just from the front end. If that is not enough, you can add your custom code from Logic Hooks, Entry Points, etc. on the back end. It also offers a API third party apps can use to interact with the system.

More information here: