Anyone use more than one Reports Dashlet? How to display report name?

I have several reports that are the same format with different parameters e.g. applicant score over 400, application score 325-399.

When I add these, you cannot tell which is which, what report you are looking at.

Another report i have with multiple criteria (year after 2014, score above 324, status = All) and again, you can’t really tell what you are looking at.

Is there a check box I missed? Seems routine to display the report name.

Where is it or how do I do this?

Just click pencil on the top left corner => Title => write the appropriate name.


Thank you for the workaround. (Attached)

Better for suitecrm to copy the Report Title to the Title field when saved.

I have to now rename 35 reports (6 users) for now, and everything I add a report.

Would be nice, since suitecrm already know the name (see attachment) to just populate TITLE B)

Thx again, at least they will know what they are looking at :slight_smile:

Makes a way to deploy a common dashboard more important…got some logging in/training to do