Any way to setup a specify role for a record?

I have role Sale, i setup permission module Report is All. But i have some new report about system (users, role), i dont want role Sale can access

Any way to setup a specify role (or Administrator) for these reports?

I know i can create group Sale, add all saler to this group and setup permission module Report is Group. I dont want use this solution because i have 300+ saler, and more in future, i can not handle to add them to group Sale. Handle groups make me waste a lot of time.

I ask this question because i see report Tracker only administrator can access (normal users only can view).

I don’t think there’s a way.

The correct way is like you said - make the Sales role have only group access.

Your problem with wasting too much time adding people to Roles can be solved in other ways. I would definitely try adding them from the database, via phpMyAdmin, with an INSERT command into the roles_users relationship table.

You can inspect and navigate the database schema here: https://schema–

Another option is to write a small PHP script to add Users to the Roles.

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