Any way to Export a module and import to Other Environment

Hi Folks,

Is there any way in SuiteCRM, like we can export a module with all the fields, relationships etc and import the same in other SuiteCRM environment.
Like we have created a custom module in Dev environment and made quite a lot fields and customization, and now it’s ready. Do we need to perform the same action in LIVE environment as well (in a separate machine), or is there any way to replicate the same in other environment.

Like in Dynamics CRM, we can export any module and import to other.

Any thoughts?

Goto Admin->Studio. You will have a Button called “Export Customization”

Hi @urdhvatech
Thanks for the quick reply, it does work, however when I am trying to import the same in other environment via following steps, it is throwing error: Mode of Operation is not specified.

Steps to Import: Go to Module Loader, browse the zip file (exported from other SuiteCRM environment), upload and then Install the package.

Is their any step, I am missing?