Any Free Business Card Reader Mobile App for SuiteCRM

Hello Everyone,

I have been looking for a free business card reader App for SuiteCRM. I found one but it charges $100 for 1000 readings.

Does anyone know of any free business card reader?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!

I never heard of one, I don’t think it exists.

What does this require, exactly? Swallowing a .vcf file and creating a Contact?

Thanks for your reply and sorry about not being clear.

Please see this link:
Business card reader for SuiteCRM

I am looking for something like this but free.

I have business cards that I would like to scan and integrate them into SuiteCRM target list. The business card reader above does a pretty good job but it does only for leads and contacts and it is not free after 8 readings or so.


Ah, that does a full OCR scan of actual Business cards… that is not something easy to achieve, no wonder it’s not a free module… :frowning:

Hello CKing,

You can use SuiteCRM mobile app which comes with a feature of scanning QR code. You need to do is scan the QR badge or business card and the information gets automatically filled into respective fields. Once the information is filled, you can go through it again and confirm if it is free of discrepancies before saving.

Yathit mobile app for SuiteCRM (both iOS and android) has business card reader, but the feature is not free. It is free for basic modules. After subscription ( there is no limit on number of card you can read.