Any documentation on SuiteCRM 7.10 Beata Brand new Rest API?

I have downloaded and installed SuiteCRM 7.10 Beta 2. I would like to do some exploration on the Brand New fully compliant Rest API. Do we have any document available currently? Or could you please suggest some direction so that I can figure out something from the file system?

Thanks in advance!
Shijin Krishna

I just downloaded the SuiteCRM 7.10. Beta 2 and have the same questions as shijin_k.

I don’t see anything new in /service/ folder, where is new API and how to use it?

I could find some files under lib/SuiteCRM/API. But still no idea how to use it.

There is no documentation on it yet, it’s all still very new… being written right now.

Ok waiting for the documentation, it can be quite sketchy - beats reverse engineering anyhow

Since no documentation is available yet I found swagger file located in \lib\API\v8\swagger.json.

I am going to analyze it and report back on findings.

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The release note says:

A new Rest API (v8) using the popular JSONAPI specifications. The v8 API mirrors the prior API functionality so there will be no loss of functionality. It also introduces authentication using OAuth 2.0 and bringing the SuiteCRM API up to industry standards.
Swagger documentation
The v8 API adopts the Swagger (OpenAPI v3.0) framework to provide detailed, but clear, documentation.
To access the swagger json file use the path https:///api/v8/swagger.json

But in SuiteCRM 7.10 stable version, there is no SuiteCRM directory under /lib and hence the url redirection given in .htaccess fails.

I also tried to execute the v8 APIs using SwaggerUI. Below are the problems I faced.

  1. When I click on Authorize nothing happens except the js error in the console.

  1. And the APIs doesn’t allow to edit any parameters.

Shijin Krishna

Here’s your full documentation for SuiteCRM REST API v8

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