Another 7.8.31 to 7.10.29 upgrade fail

I have been going through the forums and have come across the full range of upgrade fails trying to move from 7.8.31 to 7.10.xx.
I have experienced issues with the lack of “Next” button with the “Upgrade Patch” both when applied to 7.8.16, 7.8.31 and 7.10.20
I have experienced issues with ‘Call to undefined method “EmailAddress::getSendConfirmOptInEmailActionLinkDefs()”’ on a 7.8.xx --> 7.10.29 upgrade
I have experienced issues with log files growing super rapidly because “ea.confirm_opt_in” and and even a few “Database failure. Please refer to suitecrm.log for details.” after going to 7.10

Can you offer any suggestions for an upgrade from 7.8.31 to a 7.10 and what steps am I missing?
Do I need to go 7.8.31 -> 7.10.1 then 7.10.1–> 7.10.2, etc…?
Are there some critical 7.10 that need to be done? (It seems yes, but I cannot figure out which)
Is there a definitive “Do this after each step”? (Like “logout, clear cache/upgrades/temp, reboot” then check “logfile” for extra juicy errors or something?)

Finally, my limited user group uses the “E-mail” function in the 7.8 version. This allows us to see a basic but workable list of sent e-mail a user has sent. This functionality appears to be missing in the 7.10 (or even the online demo of 7.11). Or am I missing something?

Thanks for looking, pgr/john


P.S.: I am running Ubuntu 20.04 with php 7.2.34-8+ubuntu20.04.1 in Proxmox. I can try things and reverse them with relative ease, but it is still a time consuming process. I have some development abilities but I am not overly familiar with SuiteCRM codebase.

If you use email module you should very carefully review that module in the new version before updating production. It’s quite different, sometimes a bit too buggy, and you should check everything you need is there before taking the leap.

About the upgrade process, clearing “cache/upgrades/temp” is a good idea between failed update attempts, but not between upgrade wizard steps.

The missing Next button is a known issue but I am not currently hopeful of any solution until a developer with a debugger has that problem in their system. I don’t get it in my test systems, so I can’t debug it, and I have run out of ideas to try when doing remote troubleshooting through the forums with not-technical-enough users. Which is a pity, I’d really like to see this fixed once and for all.


A few files are missing in latest upgrade packages from 7.8 to 7.10.
You should upgrade from 7.8 to 7.10.25. This one works fine.

Then, you can upgrade to 7.10.27 (as @pqr says, the following versions have big issues with Emails).

The new email module comes in at 7.9

The differences between 7.10 and 7.11 aren’t in the email module, they’re essentially (if I recall correctly) Elastic Search and Google Calendar Sync

So I do see reason why some people should opt to stay in 7.8.x due to the emails module, but after taking that leap I’d recommend simply going all the way to the latest 7.11.x.

And note that it is possible to be satisfied with the new email module, I just think it needs proper testing of configuration + regular module use to ensure that none of the characteristics and/or bugs are going to pose a problem for you.

The downside of staying at 7.8.x is that it is a security risk… and increasingly so as time goes by.