Annual revenue per year

Hello everyone,

I am trying to create a field in SuiteCRM studio, where I can drop down the year and write in it the annual revenue.

For example account x: revenue 2017: 1000 USD, drop down calendar 2016 to check his revenue.

Could anyone hint me to the right way of doing that?

Thanks in advance

In order to have each years’ revenues I created a custom module. But it is very impractical. It would be nice to have the possibility to have (also searchable) fields that:
a. can have more than one value
b. each value could be split into one or more parts of different types (eg: part 1: year; part 2: dropdown with 5 ranges of revenue; part 3: actual revenue; part 4: currency)

not complicated I believe but this type of field doesn’t exist.

Having said this a few years ago I downloaded from the SugarCRM web site a free custom field type for phone numbers that achieved some of this functionality.

I never used but I believe that with some modifications it could achieve some extra purposes and be made available for everyone.

It is hereby attached. Fortunately the license is GNU General Public License, which allows sharing and modifying the code.

I assume that before installing it you will have to study the code, adapt it both to your needs and the newest version of SuiteCRM.

Please share it once you have it working!


Thank you, though it did work, but has many limitations…
I had to add to the dropdown every year, and the formatting is a phone formatting…you can imagine the rest of the problems :slight_smile:

Any other tips are appreciated!

As I said it is not ready to be used.

Maybe someone can modify it and make it a little mopre general purpose. That would be great.

I think that the records are not searchable so this could be a big limitation of this field.

With respect to your specific issue I don’t see many difficulties. If you know php you should be able to adjust it to your needs and then make it available to everybody.

Unfortunately, I don’t know any PHP programming, I am not a programmer just a bit of an “advanced” user.

Thank you again for your help.