An error has occured - please help how to delete this

Hi there!
Is anyone able to help me with this error? I found it out today, and I don’t know why is that.

Deprecated: Array and string offset access syntax with curly braces is deprecated in /home/malomiki/domains/ on line 303 {“content”:"

It appears every time I want to go to Calls or Contacts or Accounts so actually it appears all the time and I cannot do anything.
What should I do?

Which version SuiteCRM and PHP do you use?
Look at compatibility matrix:

I use SuiteCRM 7.11.18 and I don’t know how to check the PHP version :frowning:


Which platform do you use for SuiteCRM?

My IT guy installed this and all I know and all I can do is using this via browser Firefox. Where shoul I find this information about php version?

You should speak with your IT guy and show him the compatibility matrix.

Is there any chance to recieve manual how to install this by my own? I no longer have IT guy in my office.

SuiteCRM works on your server. It’s maybe physical or virtual server. You should have access on it. You can’t do anything without access. You have two way:

  • find new IT guy
  • figure it out on your own

Admin / Diagnostics / phpinfo

Ok I received info that I’m using PHP 7.4 and system Linux Debian 9
Is that enough for you to help me ? :slight_smile:

You should disable display_errors in your php.ini and restart web server. Ask your tech guy to do that for you.

Then tell us if that solved your problem or not.

SuiteCRM 7.11.18 support PHP 7.3 as maximum.
You have 2 variants

  • upgrade SuiteCRM to version 7.11.19
  • downgrade PHP to version 7.3

Done! and it works! thank you so much!