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Amazon S3 bucket integration

I’m pondering developing some manner of Amazon S3 bucket integration with the current SuiteCRM file storage method (uploads folder).

Does anyone out there got have any information on this, or even better worked on a solution?

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated


I’ve now got this working, but to achieve this I need to override the download.php and include/upload_file.php files. Can anyone suggest an ‘upgrade friendly’ way to do this?

John, to make safe upgrade customizations you need to make any modifications of code in ‘custom’ folder. Could you please share your code with me? I also have a task to upload files not to local server but to Amazon S3. I will be very grateful for your help

I’ve came to the conclusion its not possible to integrate S3 buckets in a non upgrade safe manner, the following files need edited.

  • include/upload_file.php
  • modules/Documents/Document.php
  • modules/Emails/Email.php
  • modules/InboundEmail/InboundEmail.php
  • modules/Notes/Note.php

If you can override these files in a upgrade safe manner, I’m willing to share my findings.

You simply need edit the same files but in custom folder or create new ones if file with such name doesn’t exist there. For example, custom/include/upload_file.php, custom/modules/Documents/Document.php etc. So this is upgrade safe way to customize SuiteCRM. Could you please share your way of integration of SuiteCRM and Amazon S3?

You can make the files upgrade safe by creating them in the custom folder and adding the lines you need in there.

Can you please share your findings of integrating the upload with S3?



Dear John,
Would you be so kind to share with me the files for the realization of the link between SuiteCRM and Amazon s3?

Thank you !

I have the same problem. Any idea on how to integrate S3 bucket or Elastic File System to replace the uploads folder?

Hi John,

Can you please share with me what changes is required in all above files…right now i have to do the same.

I am not able to upload the files in amazon s3 bucket properly…if you share with me,it will be very helpful for me.

Hi John, Can you please share your findings of integrating the upload with S3?
thank so much,