Am I the only one or is the E-mail editior type field (Body), really small? 🤔

The e-mail body typing field is really small/thin in height by default in the new version 7.12.6.

Am I the only one that is exeriencing this?

Is there a way to tweak the code to make it larger in height so you can actually see what you are typing (And the chosen pre-loaded template.)?

Thanks in advance.-
Kind regards

It’s the same size for everybody, only you added a bunch of buttons that occupy everything with the toolbar :laughing:

You can drag the handle on the lower-right corner to increase space.

There’s also a SugarField tpl that you can customize with extra CSS styles if needed. Probably it’s the “Text” sugarfield, but I am not sure.

Thanks Pgr for your answer.It is just me then… :joy:

So do you happen to know which CSS style sheet that controls the height of the editor?
I obviously need to tweak it.

Kind regards