Am I able to upgrade from 7.12.6 to 8.x


I am trying to upgrade our SuiteCRM from 7.12.6 to 8.x.x. Am I able to do it ? Or I need to install 8.xx.x separately. If it is possible, can you provide the right link for upgrade package. Sorry I am new to it.

Very appreciate for your help.


That upgrade path does not exist yet. It is coming soon.

Right now you’d have to install 8.1 separately.

Thanks a lot !!!

Is there a timeline or any further information that we can use to track the progress of the upgrade path? We are trying to do some planning for the remainder of the year and it would be very useful to this process.

That appears to be planned for 8.2, due this month. I’m not sure to what extent that roadmap is updated and things are on schedule, though.

Thanks for your info.

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Thank you. That is most helpful.

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