almost unbelievable bad service - why would any trust you with the information

I tried to set up an account (which seems to be here. However, when I tried to log in, it would not recognize either my user name or the email. Could not see the demo or download a package. yet here I am here

So, i paid for a call to your office from India where I am at the moment, asked to talk to someone in service about this, and was told by a script reading person that I had to buy a service plan

So, this means that you do NOT have a customer at this moment

I notice that you are in Scotland. My father was from there, and certainly would not tolerate this

You may contact me at if anyone really cares

Does this really have anything to do with either Scotland or India?

The SuiteCRM demo and this forum are two different entities.

To access the demo, you merely go to that page and enter the user id and password, as indicated … i.e. “will”. You don’t use the same id and password that you established to enter this forum.

Taking the time to properly read instructions can have a remarkably beneficial effect.

I don’t think you have notion of what the “service” here is, anyway.

99% of the people benefiting from SalesAgility’s work are not their customers. Naturally, they don’t enjoy free support either. I am glad this is this way, otherwise the company would sink.

You called a paid support phone service, they asked you for your paid account, so what?

You don’t have to trust them to give them your information because 99% of the companies dealing with them do NOT give them their information, they just download and install SuiteCRM on their own.

You can get this very basic technical support you need right here in the forums. But lose the attitude first, we’re just helping out here on a good-will basis.

I’m sure after you situate yourself correctly relative to that company (SalesAgility) and this Community (SuiteCRM, the free open-source CRM project), you can have the correct expectations and get the necessary help.