All of a sudden, cannot save layout change

Drag and drop of fields snaps back to the Hidden or Available columns when is SAVE and DEPLOY.
Try again it stays but then doesn’t show up.

So I dragged a bunch of fields and SAVE and DEPLOY, now these stay the first time.
But still don’t show up?

Now the bunch of fields I dragged over in frustration to test, I CANT DRAG THEM BACK!
So random it’s beyond-beyond.

I have spent hours changing the layouts on almost all the modules with no problem and now this.
Repair did not fix.

Any ideas at all how to get Studio layout change feature to work again?

Hmm, see I can’t figure it, but is it possibly the same minor bug as I’m getting? where the first save doesn’t seem to propagate the changes in layout.

So I Save twice, then Deploy followed by Quick Repair .

Turns out there is a incorrect dependancy on the Search criteria Layout for the module.

Go to the View Contacts or View xxx

Add the columns you are trying to add to your List View

Then go back to Studio and Layout

Now List View Layout will allow you to add fields and save, but only the ones from the Search Layout.

So it has a backwards dependency of some sort and should in reality be disconnected completely.

This is why, if you notice, the fields “snap back” to the Available or Hidden column in Studio when you try to drag and drop.

The User Search Layout should be at will column addition/remove and not affect how you want ALL the users to be defaulted when viewing all the records of a module.

A major bug in my opinion because if renders the Studio Layout function completely useless and unusable as is.

v 7.9.9

I encountered something similar.

Seems that when the tables themselves are out of sync with studio, studio does not allow any field changes or such…
Tricky because there is no warning or error message other than looking through the summary during Quick Repair.

I renamed the tables, re-ran Quick Repair, and then studio allowed things to be changed.

Wondering if this is an exactly accurate understanding of what is happening here…