All new custom files being ignored by git

I just upgraded to suite 7.1 and a new addition to the gitignore is:

#Ignore browserstack

It looks like the “custom/**/” part is causing all new files added to the custom folder to be ignored by git in visual studio code. When I remove it all the files are then added to git, but so are a bunch of others that I’m not sure I want to include. Is there an issue with something I’m doing or is this intended for some reason?

You’re right, this was added recently and I’m not sure why…

Can you explain a little better why you want/need the custom folder in Git? I can think of reasons, but I want to start by listening to yours. Thanks

I’m just trying to to add upgrade safe code to the custom folder. In this particular case I tried to add the suiteP theme into the custom folder. I had to modify the gitignore file before doing so.

I’ve opened an Issue for this

If you check the answer on that issue you have your reply there.

Thinking about this, it is correct: the .gitignore on the main repo is for the main repo. When you fork the project and start working on your own customization projects, you simply need to use a different .gitignore.

Got it. That makes sense actually. This was the first time I had done a suitecrm upgrade. Thank you!