All day event??

One thing that I seem to be missing in Suite CRM is the feature that I use on my calendar in Thunderbird (Iand iCal on the Mac).

In Suite CRM’ for each and every thing that I plan, I need to put an exact hour during the day.

Is there a way to make it an “all day event”?

I use this in a way that allows me to remember that I have something to do that day, but there is not necessarily a precise hour that it needs to be done.

Ca I do this in Suite CRM?



Hi Joe,

This is an option when creating a meeting/call. There is a ‘Duration’ drop down and you can select ‘1 day’ from that.

Kind Regards,


Hello Will,

Your idea works, kind of.

When I make a meeting, I did indeed find the duration of 1 day.

But, If I choose “1 day”, the event is marked for 2 day (8AM to 8AM, makes different days. If I mark midnight to midnight, same problem. There is a small single line entry on the calendar, so the effect of all day on the calendar is there.

But, I tried midnight to 11:45P This just makes for the calendar showing an event that takes all day, and each and every hour is filled in on the calendar, instead of the one single line at the top of the day.

What should happen when one chooses “1 day”, is that the selection of hour should be removed or grayed out.

Can this be done? Then it would be a true “all day” event. As is, 1 day always gives the impression on the calendar of 2 days.


Has anybody found a resolution to this issue yet? Single-day, all-day events are one of a few features preventing me from migrating completely from Google Calendar.