Alert & Desktop Notification

I have followed fix for Notifications / Alerts do not trigger depending on some user date formats from, the desktop and alert (top right corner) are working fine but the link given from the desktop notification to redirect to the meeting is successful but the link given by the alert is page cannot be found.

The link given as follow:

  1. Desktop notification -
  2. Alert -

The different is there are 2 additional “amp;” from the link given by the Alert that’s the reason, anyone here having the same issue?

Excuse me, this is a really basic question, but how do you create an alert? I’d like to test your problem but I can’t seem to get any alerts showing at all.

I’ve never really used alerts, maybe they’re broken in my system. What steps are you using to create an alert?

Forget it, I got it working now - I had my cron jobs disabled so the alerts weren’t firing.

I confirm your bug happens on my system to.

Thanks for reporting, here’s the link in case anyone want to track this: