AjaxStatus for Loading Message is not working

In my Custom Module , I want to show the Loading message on Click and it should get Disappear.

I have tried the ajaxStatus.flashStatus and ajaxStatus.showStatus in my javascript, but neither of them could popup the Loading message.
and there is no javascript error message.

ajaxStatus.flashStatus('Saved', 2000);

Where did you put your JavaScript? Did it actually get fired?

Yes Javascript getting fired Because alert(), hide(), Show() all the functions are working fine except this ‘ajaxsatus’

Also this is working fine:


But for me ajaxstatus is required for custom message.


We have ajaxStatus working fine in our views.

Can you check that you have a div with id StatusDiv in your view?
We had to add it to our custom views.

Hi blqt,

Thanks for the reply, As you suggested i have added

In view.detail.php But still the ajaxstaus is not working in the detailview.