Ajax Modules not Working - Home Screen saying "contact administrator"

I have recently moved to a new server.

I have checked all Permissions
I have done a Rebuild

System Check - says
File Permissions: All Files Writable
Database Privileges: All Privileges Available
Detected Settings: All System Settings Requirements Satisfied

But I have had to disable all Modules from AJAX (otherwise the Dropdown Menu on the Edit Button does not work) and the Home SCreen is blank, and occassionally I get an error message saying “Administrator should disable Ajax”

I sthere anything obvious that I have missed?

Is there a particlular port on the Firewall that needs to be open for Ajax to work effectively?

Hi All

Hopefully someone can help me. Everything on the site works fine all Modules with Ajax work perfectly except for HOME.

I have checked permissions, I have run a repair and rebuild, but I cannot get the Home Screen to show - can anyone make any susgestions.

I still have not been able to track down this challenging problem.

I am quite happy to track this problem down does anyone at least have a suggestion as to what kind of error I should look for in the log?

After a lot of playing around it all seems to revolve around an error with the Connectors and the Facebook link - any suggestions as to what this could be?

Undefined index: Facebook in /var/www/clients/client0/web3/web/xx/custom/modules/SugarFeed/Dashlets/SugarFeedDashlet/SugarFeedDashlet.php on line 8

I Spend 2 hours solving this issue.

Go to Admin > System Settings> Configure AJAX User Interface Information

Remove all and save
Then chosse all of them again and safe.

Suggest to turn off Facebook and twitter monitoring, I believed this was the cause of the problem,

I spent a few hours messing around with this and indeed unchecked twitter and facebook and it worked!!!

so happy