Ajax load subpanel

Hi, some users are reporting an anomaly.

our CRM installation is done on a server inside the company network (therefore reachable via http://IP: port / folder / index.php? action …). Externally, a url type crm.companyname.it/index.php?action … was created to mask the internal address.

Well, this type of configuration seems to create problems in loading for the second, third, fourth … page into subpanels.

If I look at the network panel in the browser console I see that in the url request all the parameters are passed correctly (and exactly in the same way) but, if I am connecting from the outside, the call generates a 404 error (not found).

Can anyone explain to me what is happening and / or suggest other checks?

Thanks so much.

It would be helpful to know your version.

And which file exactly is missing when the 404 occurs. Check your browser’s network console in Developer tools.

You might also try backing up your .htaccess file and then doing Admin / Repairs / Rebuild .htaccess.

Thanks pgr.
I was afraid to change but it worked.

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